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Hidden Protector : ROADTRIP

The game is a visual novel with cinematographic elements.

It tells the story of a man and an artificial intelligence on a roadtrip to paradise.

The game also shows the place of artificial intelligence in the future of our society.



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It's really awesome to be back playing a game from June Studio! There's a style that runs through their games, a style that indicates straight away who you're playing a game by.

This one does certainly feel like that, although things are a bit more restricted gameplay-wise. But I think in the context of the game it works perfectly.

Taking on the role of Bobby, a human being transported to "paradise" by the quirky AI known as Mother (or MOM, if you're feeling that close to her), we make some conversation choices whilst hurtling in a very futuristic looking car towards our unknown destination.

The future world painted here is a bleak one (as is usually the way with stories set ahead of our time), and the conversations with Mother range from the seemingly banal (music tastes) to the downright concerning (terrorism and how to save humanity).

It's a great ride, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something they can sit back and watch unfold in front of them (with the chance to swerve the conversation one way or another). Good work again from this studio, always impressive!


cool style


I enjoyed playing this game !!!

Thank you !